How to activate your License Key

Each License Key enables you to run our software on a single website or domain name. If you have already purchased a commercial license for our software, then your License key is waiting for you in the "My Licenses" section of your account. If you have downloaded a 15 day trial version of our software, then the License key will have been emailed to you by now. The following steps explain what to do with your License Key once you have it.

You and your License Key


What do I do with my license key?

What do I do with my xcart store license key

Once you have received your license key (from the "My Licenses" section or via email), the next step is to assign it to your module. The module will only work on the domain name you specified during checkout or when requesting the trial version. To activate the module follow these steps:

  • Log into your x-cart admin area
  • After installing the module, you should see a new "The xCart Store" panel, click on the "Licenses" link.
  • Paste the License Key into the "License Key" textfield and click "Save"
  • You should next see the license details listed as "Commercial" or "Trial"

My trial period has expired, I want to purchase your software

My trial period has expired, I want to purchase your software

That's great to hear, all you need to do is purchase a new license from our online store. Keep in mind, there is no need to download or re-install the product again, as your trial software contains all the features found in the full commercial release. You just need to purchase the module and update the License Key in your stores admin area with the new License Key found in your "My Licenses" section of your account


Can I transfer or change the domain name assigned to my License?

Yes, no problem, we completely understand that you may have to change the domain name associated with your license during the development or migration of your website, you can generate a new License Key for your x-cart module at any stage. By accessing your "My Licenses" section and updating the domain name details. Next, simply click on the "Generate New Product License" icon, your software will now only work on the new domain name specified.

If you are having trouble moving your license, please contact

call center chat