xMobile Smartphone x-cart template

Introducing xMobile - the greatest mobile template available for x-cart today. This shouldn't come as a surprise, but mobile eCommerce continues to be the fastest growing retail sector online year on year, this trend is set to continue as smartphone penetration continues to increase. It's clear.. eCommerce is Mobile - are you?

xMobile Smartphone x-cart template

Speed & Simplicity = xMobile

Once again we've delivered, the development effort that has gone into creating xMobile has been nothing short of Epic, but it certainly has been a labour of love - from start to finish. Okay, lets get down to business - what has xMobile got - that makes it so great?

Features Include:

  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile & Blackberry
  • Comprehensive Template Settings Manager, logo upload facility and interface colour manager, plus much more...
  • Dedicated xMobile template automatically served up to smartphones only, operates independently of existing web template
  • 100% custom designed interfaces - supports vertical & horizontal device layout
  • One finger swipe for pagination & product navigation
  • Display Products & Categories as List or Grid
  • Numerous page level display options & Browser preview facility
  • New "Checkout" state on "Add to Cart" button
  • Simple Banner Manager facility included
  • Seamless integration with xBanners & Predictive Search
  • Configurable Quick links - plus "View Full Site" link
  • Developed and Optimised for maximum performance
  • Supports all x-cart modules except: Feature Comparison, One Page Checkout, Events & Wish List
  • Amazing Price Bundles available»
  • Complete feature list here »

Seeing is believing!!!

For a complete demo of xMobile, using your smartphone go to:
http://demo.thexcartstore.com/xmobile/ or simply scan in the QR tag here.

xMobile Vertical and Horizontal Orientation xMobile Pagination Swipe xMobile Product Listing Page

Small enough to fit on your mobile - yet bursting at the seems with features, these include:

Comprehensive Template Settings Manager

This is where the magic happens... with our dedicated xMobile template settings manager, you can create the perfect design for your mobile website in minutes, without touching a single line of code. Customising xMobile to look & feel like your existing online store couldn't be easier, ensuring brand consistency is retained between PC and mobile - while providing a browsing experience that is out of this world.

xMobile Template Settings Manager includes:

  • Easy Logo upload management facility
  • Template Colour picker facility, customise header, footer, buttons, menus and more...
  • Operates independently of existing web template
  • One finger swipe for pagination & product navigation
  • Display Categories, Products & Manufacturers as Grid or List
  • New "Checkout" button state on "Add to Cart" button
  • Configurable Quick links - plus "View Full Site" link
  • Show/hide Logo & Search on inner pages
  • Simple Banner Manager facility
  • Seamless integration with Predictive Search & xBanners
  • Configurable social media, copyright & footer links
  • Our most configurable template to date
  • Watch xMobile in action »


Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile & BlackberryCompatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile & Blackberry

xMobile has been extensively tested on many smartphones - including various operating systems and browser combinations, currently xMobile is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

100% custom designed interfaces

xMobile 100% custom designed interfaces

xMobile started life initially as approximately 20 Fireworks PNG graphics files, each graphic was painstakingly designed and story boarded to allow for maximum usability and performance. Every single line of code in xMobile has been written from scratch, without the inclusion of x-cart common template files. Naturally, this allowed our developers to greatly improve performance with regards to page weight, server connections and reducing javascript libraries throughout. All these improvements when combined help xMobile load much quicker and look just fantastic
- the key to any successful mobile template.

Easy Logo Management

xMobile Template Settings Manager

Don't worry about editing your smarty templates anymore when you just want to change the template logo. We've done all we can to make managing xMobile as easy as possible, now you can quickly upload your company logo to the header with just 3 clicks of your mouse. One minute and you are done, just stick to the recommended image dimensions.

Template Colour picker facility

xMobile Template Colour picker facility

Using xMobile's built-in colour picker interface you can control every colour of your smartphone template including header sections, gradients, buttons & text colours (Add to Cart, Added, Checkout, Buy Now), collapsible menus, footer and many more. All colour changes are packaged up into xMobiles core CSS files and optimised/compressed before been sent to your mobile users. A truly amazing level of control without touching a single line of CSS.

Operates independently of existing web template

xMobile is a completely self contained mobile template for x-cart, it operates and functions independently of your currently active x-cart web template. Installing xMobile on your existing x-cart website takes a few minutes and will not impact on your existing web storefront.

One finger swipe for pagination & product navigation

One finger swipe for pagination & product navigation

Using your fingers to swipe around your smartphone is now the most natural thing in the world. xMobile is no different - supporting swipe gestures was paramount to our development effort. The ability to swipe back and forth between paginated pages (products list, search results and manufactures) has been developed into the core of xMobile. Taking this idea one step further we have also developed "Product Page" level swiping, so now you can swipe to the next or previous product in a category with just one finger, never experienced in an x-cart template until now.

Display Products & Categories as List or Grid

xMobile Display Products & Categories as List or Grid

The choice is yours - with xMobile you decide how your categories and sub-categories should appear either as grid layout or lists. In "Grid" mode - your product thumbnails and category images will be scaled accordingly to fit the available space on your device in both vertical and horizontal mode. We have created 2 separate layout options when you choose to display your products in "List" view, the first view has been optimised for vertical mode, while the second includes more product details and "Buy Now" button when viewed in horizontal mode.

New "Checkout" button state on "Add to Cart" button

xMobile New Checkout button state on Add to Cart button

To help your xMobile users proceed to the checkout page as quickly as possible, we have added a super smart "Checkout" state onto the standard "Add to Cart" button. This button state is optional, but when active, the "Add to Cart" button will now operate as follows: Add to Cart -> Added -> Checkout -> Add to Cart. The new "Checkout" state will become active for 3 seconds, allowing the user to quickly move to the checkout while still on product or product listings page. This is great for those users that want to proceed quickly through to the checkout.

Configurable Quick links - plus "View Full Site" link

xMobile Configurable Quick links - plus

Quickly add useful page links directly into your xMobile page footer area. This is a great way to promote relevant and timely content, while also allowing your mobile users the ability to view your "Full Site" by opening your standard x-cart web frontend, just one click on the "View Full Site" link and your standard web frontend will open.

Show/hide Logo & Search on inner pages

xMobile Show/hide Logo & Search on inner pages

Another configurable option we have included in xMobile is the ability to show/hide both your company logo and header search area on various inner pages. On some pages, you might find it useful to hide these page elements to allow greater space for the page content below, for example on your cart/checkout pages. The choice is yours.

Simple HTML & Banner Manager facility

xMobile Simple HTML & Banner Manager facility

With xMobile, we have included a neat banner manager facility, this facility will allow you to upload a static image to your homepage - this is a prominent position to place any promotional messages you might have. Upload new graphics throughout the year to coincide with the different seasons, ensuring your xMobile interface is always timely and relevant. For those of you looking for that next level of xcart Banner management, then keep in mind that xMobile has been especially designed to work with our xBanners module (now supporting swipe gestures).

Seamless integration with xBanners and Predictive Search

xtreme Gear seamlessly integrates with xBanners, Predictive Search, xReviews & xMenus

As always, when creating a template our goal is to create a "complete package" - with xMobile we have focused our design efforts to seamlessly accommodate our xBanners & Predictive Search modules. We have also updated our xBanners module to now support swipe gestures - allowing you to easily swipe between your xBanner images. Both of these modules are great in their own right - but seeing them integrated with xMobile, really is something special - check our demo site to see these 3 amazing products in action.

Configurable social media icons & links

Help promoted your external Social Quickly upload and share your favourite social media web

FREE future upgrades

Any future updates or changes for every template will be offered for FREE

Amazing value for money... ever before we wrote the first line of code for xMobile, we made ourselves a promise that it would not cost any more than one of our regular web templates. Fully aware of the promise we were making to ourselves and our customers, we continued to add feature after feature without considering the cost and time involved. What resulted, is without doubt the greatest mobile template for x-cart on the market today.

With xMobile, you have the option to bundle Predictive Search & xBanners at a greatly discounted price, saving you up to 20 along the way.

xMobile Smartphone template - Price Bundles

Play Video Tutorial - xMobile a first hand walk throughxMobile a first hand walk through

In this tutorial, we will show you a first hand demonstration of xMobile running under Safari on an iPhone 4. In this demo, we are running an "xtreme Gear" themed version of xMobile - all aspects of xMobile are fully customisable the admin .
Okay, enough reading... it's time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

xMobile - Template settings manager

Play Video Tutorial - xMobile admin settingsIn this tutorial, we take an in-depth look at the xMobile Template Settings Manager. You'll be amazed just how easy it actually is to setup everything exactly as you want. In this case, we will upload a company logo, modify the colour scheme and apply just a few of the templates settings - ensuring our mobile template will fit right in with our existing online branding and corporate identity.

Scan this QR Code with your Smartphone to go sirectly to the xMobile Demo

To get a first hand demo of xMobile, simply scan the QR tag on the right - keep in mind, if you visit this xMobile demo website using any browser on your PC or Mac you will only see the standard x-cart "Ideal Comfort" template - remember xMobile is a mobile template and can only be viewed using a smartphone.

For those of you that simply can not get your hands on a smartphone, you can use the following browser preview link, this preview facility is part of xMobile and is useful for those users that want to debug and test the template without having connect using your phone.

Visit xMobile Browser Preview Demo Website »

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