Upgrading from xBanners1 to xBanners2

Thank you for taking the time to upgrade your current license of xBanners.
We have included a simple guide below to the steps required to upgrade your existing xBanners license.

Let's do it... xBanners2


Why are you charing 16.99 for this upgrade?

Okay, we had planned to release a "free" upgrade to xBanners1, that would include some extra transitional effects and updates, but after further review of the xBanners codebase and plans for a "responsive" version, we decided it would be best if we started from scratch and develop a brand new product. So, that's what we did - we threw out everything from xBanners1 and started over and develop a brand new product with a whole new core, more features, fully responsive, better performance, touch support & loads more.

As existing xBanners customers, we wanted to keep the cost of upgrading as low as possible - while also providing you with a brand new product loaded with features and developed to the usual professional standards we strive for - hense the small upgrade fee, hope you don't mind?

What do I do to upgrade

How to redeem your xCart Store reward points
  • Log into your account here »
  • Go to the "My Liceses" page
  • From the dropdown OrderID list, select the orderID where you previously purchased xBanner1
  • The new page, will show your xBanners download and license key details. Below the "Download" link you will see an "Upgrade" link - click on this.
  • You will be taking to a new "xBanners2 Upgrade" product page
  • HHow do I know how many points I have earned per order
  • Add this product to your cart and checkout as normal.
  • Please note, we can not accept reward points as partial payment for this upgrade
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