xtreme Gear X-Cart template

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our second 'highly anticipated' x-cart template... 'xtreme Gear'.
With xtreme Gear, once again we are pioneering a whole new standard in x-cart template design... believe us when we say no page has been left untouched, a surprise awaits you on every mouse click.

xtreme Gear X-Cart template

Okay, let's get extreme!!!

xtreme Gear, brings together all the elements you have grown to expect from a modern, professional eCommerce website and a whole lot more.

Features Include:

  • Comprehensive Template Settings Manager
  • Simple Banner Manager facility
  • Seamless integration with xBanners, Predictive Search, xReviews & xMenus
  • Homepage Featured Category Listing
  • jQuery sliding Feature Products
  • Product Page ‘AddThis’ Social Media integration

Seeing is believing!!!

For a complete demo of xtreme Gear, checkout our xtreme Gear X-Cart template and see it in action first hand.

X-Cart CSS Template - Frontend xtreme Gear xtreme Gear Shop tabbed product details with jquery slider The xCart Store Commercial xcart template

Features, features, features... "xtreme Gear" comes fully loaded with the following:

Comprehensive Template Settings Manager

xtreme Gear CSS Template for x-cart

Control & customise many features of the xtreme Gear template via our new template settings page. Quickly change the dynamic and layout of your website in seconds using our template settings - gone are the days of modifying php source code to achieve that exact design, it's all here in the template settings.

Template Settings page includes:

  • Easy Logo Management - upload your own company logos
  • Simple HTML & Banner Manager facility
  • Seamless integration with Predictive Search & xBanners (xReviews & xMenus)
  • Homepage Featured Category Listing
  • Integrate 'AddThis' Social Media links to product pages
  • Configurable Quick & Customer Service links
  • jQuery slider for featured, recently viewed & recommended products
  • Display Manufactures & All Categories in top menu
  • Configurable Social Media, copyright & icon and links setup
  • Play Template Settings video tutorial »


Easy Logo Management

xtreme Gear Easy Logo Management

Don't worry about editing your smarty templates anymore when you just want to change the tempalte logo. We've done all we can to make managing xtreme gear as easy as possible, now you can quickly upload your company logo to the header and footer of your store with 3 clicks of your mouse. One minute and you are done, just stick to the recommended image dimensions.

Simple HTML & Banner Manager facility

Using the xtreme Gear template settings page, you can choose to upload 3 simple static images and 2 HTML text banners to appear on various parts of your website. No need to edit smarty template files, just create your banner or embed some HTML and save it to the acquired position on your website. Simple banner positions include: Homepage large banner and two footer area banners. Simple text promotional messages include: 1 header and 1 footer text area. For those of you looking for that next level of xcart Banner management, then keep in mind that xtreme Gear has been especially designed to work with our xBanners module - the perfect addition to your store when you want to impress your customers with your promotional offers. xBanners just rocks.

Seamless integration with xBanners, Predictive Search, xReviews & xMenus

xtreme Gear seamlessly integrates with xBanners, Predictive Search, xReviews & xMenus

As always, when creating a template our goal is to create a "complete package" - with extreme Gear we have focused our design efforts to seamlessly accomodate our xBanners & Predictive Search modules. As an added bonus, xtreme Gear will also be 100% compatible our next 2 commercial modules xReviews & xMenus (due for release in August 2011). These modules can be purchased separately or as part of the template bundle.

Homepage Featured Category Listing

xtreme Gear Sliding Featured Products

What better way to direct your users to those 'hard to reach' sub-categories then to set up a direct link from your homepage. This is exactly what we have done with xtreme Gear, now you can select any of your sub-categories to appear on the homepage of your website. This is the perfect way to keep the content on your homepage fresh and relevant - help encourage traffic to all parts of your catalogue with our exclusive 'Homepage Featured Category Listing' module.

Product Page ‘AddThis’ Social Media integration

Adding social media abilities to your products has never been this easy - simply create your 'AddThis' account and paste your account/media icons code into the xtreme Gear template page and that's it - you're entire product catalogue is now ready to reach the ever expanding world of social media sharing.

jQuery sliding Feature Products

jQuery sliding Feature Products

Elegant, clean design is at the heart of our xtreme Gear template. To help optimise space within our pages, we have added a super cool sliding products panel to your "featured", "recently viewed" & "related" products pages.

Search engine friendly 'All Categories' page

Search Engine Friendly - All Categories page

xtreme Gear comes with its own 'All Categories' page - this provides two benefits, the first is from an SEO perspective. Now you can have all of your categories and sub-categories listed on one single page - perfect for search engines to crawl and secondly great for your customers to get a full overview of your websites catalogue structure and layout.

Tabbed Product Info

xtreme Gear Tabbed Product Info

Product tabs are a great way to keep your customers focused on the page content that appears in front of them, without presenting too many distracting options. All the usual product pages are presented, including:

  • Product Description
  • Customers also bought
  • Customer feedback
  • Send to friend
  • Recently Viewed

All of which are neatly presented to the user, allowing for easy access when they require.

Semantic Code optmised for SEO

We have focused our design on emphasising important keywords and html elements. By moving important page elements higher up in the source code such as the page content and h1 tag and ensuring that header and footer content (common page elements) lower down in the source - all of these techniques add prioriy and weight to your templates page ranking.

FREE future upgrades

Any future updates or changes for every template will be offered for FREE

When we created xtreme Gear, as before our plan was to create a "complete" x-cart package, combining the latest design trends and functionality in a single x-cart skin. We managed to squeeze even more features into xtreme Gear by integrating our xMenus, xBanners & Predictive Search modules and some custom modules exclusive to our templates. With xtreme Gear, you have the option to bundle xMenus, Predictive Search & xBanners at a massively discounted price, saving you up to €70 along the way - it just screams out "GREAT VALUE" - like everything we do.

xtreme Gear Price Bundles

xtreme Gear and xMobile Price Bundles

Play Video Tutorial - xtreme Gear css template settings pagextreme Gear Template Settings

In this tutorial, we show you how to quickly configure your xtreme Gear template using it's dedicated admin settings page. Stamp your custom look and feel onto this template in minutes, by uploading your company logo, adding some eye-catching banners, nominate featured categories, setup your favourite social media sharing icons and a whole lot more...

xtreme Gear CSS X-Cart Template Live Demo Website

xtreme Gear is the second in a series of CSS templates we plan to release for x-cart. To be honest, this time around we actually surprised ourselves - from start to finish this x-cart template simply demands your full attention. This template is guaranteed to set your ecommerce store apart from the competition - they will think you have spent thousands on design work... that can be our little secret!!!

xtreme Gear, is more than a template, it is a complete package. Every page was designed from scratch and it's crammed full of tiny details and features. xtreme Gear comes complete with it's own dedicated admin settings page, allowing you to customise many different options to give your x-cart store that unique feel.

Visit xtreme Gear Demo Website »

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