xBanners2 Advanced Banner Manager for x-cart

The Ultimate Banner Manager for x-cart has just gotten better... Introducing xbanners2 simply the greatest banner module very created for x-cart. Building upon the success of xBanners, xBanners2 now brings even more functionality to your store, with faster loading times, a brand new JS core that include many transitional effect. Another great thing about xBanners2 is that it is now totally responsive and support device swipe gestures... we have listed even more features below.

xBanners2 Advanced Banner Manager for x-cart

xBanners2 Ad Banner Manager

Redefining banner management for x-cart.
xBanners is the first Ad banner module to include multiple banner types, transitional effects, location aware banners, calendar overview and live banner preview all in a single easy to manage interface. Setting up and managing your banners has never been this easy!

Features Include

  • New JS Core & now Fully Responsive
  • Advanced Scheduling options
  • CSS3 transitions support (hardware acceleration)
  • Loads Faster with many more transitional effects built-in
  • New Advanced statistics and graphical reporting
  • Group banners into a single xBanner with configurable DHTML transitional effects.
  • New Navigation system (arrows, dots). Navigation Builder
  • Assign banners directly to all x-cart page types
  • Touch Devices Support
  • Random Banner start & Transition Effect
  • In-built live preview display options
  • Campaign & Calendar Manager interfaces
  • Location aware banners using GeoIP lookup
  • Upgrade Pack & Pricing available


Breathe new life into your x-cart website through the use of appropriate and well placed banners. With xBanners2 for x-cart you decide when, where and who should get to see your banners - ad banner management has never been this easy..

Sample xBanner2 Interfaces

Checkout some of the xBanner interfaces below, our view the the complete feature list here »

Configure Animated Banners for x-cart Advanced Statistics for x-cart xBanner Banner Calendar

Breathe new life into your online store with xBanners for x-cart.... See a complete list of features below:

Fully Responsive, New JS Core & Touch Gestures

x-cart banner manager module

Not only is xBanners2 benefiting from a new JS core, we have also developed it to be fully responsive - ensuring your xbanners will look just as good on all devices, configure your banners to "respond" based on their height or width - ensuring they look amazing on all devices. As mentioned, xBanners2 comes complete with a brand new Javascript core, improving page loading speed, CSS3 support and now includes many more pre-built transition effects. But that wasn't enough, we also added Touch Devices Support. We have developed xBanners2 to support all swipe gestures - this way, customers can easily swipe back and forth between your banners on all devices (tablets and smartphones).

Animated Banners

x-cart banner manager module

Group multiple static images into a single xBanner and show each image in rotation by selecting any of the pre-defined dynamic transitional effects - these include up to 17 new transitional effect. Each transition effect has its own set of properties for you to control, including: transition speed, display time, on-mouseover effect and navigation options. Checkout this page to see a variety of xBanners in action.

New Navigation system and SEO friendly text captions

x-cart banner manager module

With xBanners2 you can now create your own custom navigation "Next" and "Previous" graphics - allowing your customers to easily navigate between your various banners. Select from a number of pre-defined navigational icons - or how about just some simple text (1/5) giving your xBanner that custom feel everytime. Add extra context to your xBanners with some appropriate text and captions - this is a great way to make your banners SEO friendly and make your message available to text readers and the visually impaired.

Multiple Banner Type

x-cart banner manager module

xBanners supports all types of banners including: static images, animated banners (see above), HTML banners and flash banners. All banners integrate seamlessly with your x-cart website, simply copy the generated x-cart tags into your template and watch as your website comes to life.

Campaign Manager

x-cart banner manager module

Use the Campaign Manager to group similar banners together, all banners grouped within a banner campaign share the same configuration data, this ensures that the banners will all start and finish together - this is great if you have multiple banners displayed at different parts of your website but all share a common promotional message, e.g. January Sale, 10% Off Promotion. By grouping these banners together under a campaign you have better control over when they all start and finish.

Advanced Scheduling

x-cart banner manager module

Configure your banners to appear at any time throughout the day or week, scheduling options include start date, finish date and display forever. You can also decide to schedule your banners to appear at repeating intervals throughout the week, options include every day, every week, odd days and even days.

Advanced Placement Options

x-cart banner manager module

Increase sales by publishing your banners on any of your x-cart pages. Using xBanners advanced display options you control the exact placement of every single banner, create various "enable" and "disable" filters to ensure you banner appears its exact location for maximum impact. Place your xBanners on any of the following x-cart pages: Homepage, Category pages, Product page, Manufacturer pages and x-cart static pages.

Location Aware Banners

x-cart banner manager module

Serve up location specific banners to your customers based on their geographical location (country or state). This is a great way to target market your promotions to different customer locations, for example, you may only want to show a "FREE shipping within Europe" banner to only those customers resident in Europe while displaying a different banner to all other international customers.

Template Banner Positions

x-cart banner manager module

Activating or publishing your xBanner is a breeze, simply create a new template banner position, copy and paste the generated template tag into your x-cart template and click refresh!! It's that easy, anyone with a basic knowledge of smarty can quickly edit their template and have their banner live in seconds. Once the template tag is in place, you can publish as many banners to this position as you like.

Banner Calendar

x-cart banner manager module

Quickly view, edit and organise your xBanners using our "Google" styled Banner Calendar interface. The Banner Calendar provides a perfect "visual" representation of your entire xBanner system. Choose between daily, weekly & monthly views or filter the display based on xBanner name, campaign name and template position. This is the perfect way to manage and review your banners, at a glance you can see when every banner starts and finishes, while also checking out its current stats. The Banner Calendar interface is the ultimate addition to this module.

Advanced Statistics

x-cart banner manager module

Using the Advanced Statistics interface, you can view how each of your xBanners are performing (graphs & pie charts). View the total number of click and impressions that each of your xBanners has received based on date rage or per day. You can also view where in the World your visitors are clicking and viewing your banners from based on country, city and region.

Live Preview

x-cart banner manager module

With "Live Preview" you can see how your new xBanner will look on your website before you actually publish it. Each time you update your xBanner, the "Live Preview" option will reflect all recent changes and display the exact banner as it will appear online. This feature is essential for when you plan to schedule your banners to auto publish in the future - this way you know exactly how your banners will look and behave once published.

All NEW xBanners2 Videos coming this week

Play Video Tutorial - All New xBanner2

Welcome to xBanners2, in this video we show you all the new features of xBanners2 why it is better and faster than before.Building upon the success of xBanners, xBanners2 now brings even more functionality to your store, with faster loading times, a brand new JS core that include many transitional effect - it's also now fully responsive ensuring your banners will display correctly on any device.


Creating an animated xBanner

Play Video Tutorial - How to Create an animated xBanner

In this tutorial, we show you how to create your first animated xBanner. With xBanners for x-cart you can now place your banners anywhere throughout your entire x-cart website. Once you have created your xBanner, we then apply some cool transition effects allowing your images to dynamically change onscreen. We also show you how to add "Display Filters" so your xBanner only appears on the homepage.


Target your xBanner - Using Display Filters

Play Video Tutorial - Using Display Filters to control your xBanners

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how you can control where your xBanners appear within your website by using the "Display filters". By creating various "enabling" and "disabling" filters, you can fine tune each xBanner to appear on any of the following x-cart pages: Home, Category, Product, Manufacturer & x-cart Static pages. Click play, and see how it's done - your banner your way!


Create location aware xBanner - Using GeoIP Filters

Create location aware xBanner - Using GeoIP Filters

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create "location aware" xBanners so they only appear to certain customers based on their geographical location. Using your xBanners "Geo Location Filters" you can create "location aware" xBbanners in minutes. This is a great way to target your promotions to different customer locations, for example, you may only want to show a "FREE shipping" xBanner to your European Customers while displaying a different xBanner to all other international customers.

xBanner2 Live Demo Website

xBanner2 Demo Website for x-cart Bring your x-cart store to life with the help of xBanner2s - banner management made easy!!

xBanner2s in Action - Live Demo Website. To help demonstrate the power of our new xBanner2 banner manager for x-cart, we have created a dedicated demo x-cart store:

Visit xBanner2 Demo Website »

Our demo store is packed full of various examples of different banners and the various configuration options xBanner2s have to offer. Checkout our animated banners with pre-defined transitional effects (fade, slide, etc) including banner navigation options. See how easy it is to display different banners on various pages within your x-cart website.

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